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Corporate and Administration Services

Corporate Services

We provide through our associates, all secretarial services for International Business Companies including:

• Legalization and certification of Incorporation and other documents
• Translate documents into any required language
• Prepare the minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
• Arrange for the Annual General Meeting of the company
• Issue and legalize Powers of Attorney
• Maintain the statutory records of companies
• Issue and safekeeping of share certificates
• Increase or decrease of the company’s share capital
• Contacting the Registrar of Companies for all necessary submissions of forms and requests for certificates in compliance with the relevant legislation
• Arranging for registration of trademarks/trade names
• Signing contracts, agreements, protocols, and other documents
• Arranging for Bank Payment
• Keeping the common seal of the company in safe custody
• Arranging for company searches and due diligence
• Registration with Income Tax, V.A.T. & Social Insurance Department
• Drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association
• Registering company pledges
• Other corporate & secretarial services

Administration Services

• Opening and operating bank accounts. We introduce your companies to reputable banks both locally and abroad as well as assisting you to open accounts issuance of debit and credit cards and online banking services. Our team can be appointed as authorized signatories on your companies’ bank accounts and administer the bank accounts
• Correspondence with third parties and Governmental Authorities
• Human Resources/Recruitment
• Secretarial Services
• Legal opinions on behalf of our clients
• Carrying out negotiations on behalf of our clients
• Managing correspondence with third parties and Governmental Authorities
• Arranging for business services such as Audit, Tax, Bookkeeping and VAT service
• Assist for the application of work permits for expatriate employees
• Provision of telephone, email and fax services
• Mail forwarding services
• Issue of sales invoices and collection of debtors

Representation – Provision of Nominees Service

We provide all representation services including nominee directors in Cyprus and other countries, nominee shareholders under trust arrangements, statutory secretary and registered office.
A “nominee shareholder” is the legal owner of the shares of a company. The nominee is obliged to hold the shares for the benefit of the beneficial owner and act under his instructions. A Trust Deedis signed between the beneficial owner and the nominee shareholderwho secures the rights of both parties. Our firm discloses the name of the beneficial owner only to the Bank. Neither our firm, nor the bank will share this information with any governmental or other institution. Exception to this rule is only in case there is a disclosure order by a Cyprus court.
According to Cyprus law, it is obligatory that every company must have a company secretary and a registered office address in Cyprus. From a tax planning point of view it is important that the company is managed and controlled in Cyprus. Accordingly it is recommended that the majority of the directors appointed are Cyprus residents. As a result, the company will be a Tax resident in Cyprus and utilize beneficiary the Cyprus Double tax treaty network and the Cyprus low tax rates.