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Company Formation

Formation of a Cyprus Company

Our team of professionals can advise and assist you with the incorporation of a company in Cyprus or any other jurisdiction in the world and provide all other services related to company registration.
Register a Cyprus Company will help you benefit from the tax incentive regime of Cyprus as well as its wide network of Double Tax Treaties. We will undertake the entire process to set up your company tailored to your needs, either by using a “shelf company” available to you within 24 hours, or by incorporating a new within 7 working days.
A shelf or a ready-made company is a company incorporated in the past. The benefit of using a shelf company is that offers a history to your company, offers the flexibility of commencing immediately your business transactions and also has the credibility of an older company where the credibility always influence the business relationships.
We offer a wide selection of shelf companies ready to be used, with a clean history since these companies have never been used in any operations at all. Please note, that the supply of shelf companies is limited and will incur a surcharge.

Formation of Offshore Companies

Offshore companies, under a correct tax structure can optimize the tax benefits. Our team, in cooperation with our International Associates, can advise and set up a company in any jurisdiction in the world including:

• British Virgin Islands
• Channel Islands
• Seychelles
• Marshall Islands
• Isle of Man
• Panama
• Cayman Islands

Formation of Non- Offshore Companies

We can advise and set up a company in several other preferred jurisdictions available including:

• United Kingdom
• Malta
• Madeira
• Luxembourg
• Netherlands
A company registered in Europe offers all the benefits from operating the daily business through a European location.